Award WInning First Trial Project at Dudley College Advance II

The Integrated Project Insurance model is the most innovative of the new models of procurement promoted in the Government Construction Strategies 2011 and 2016 – 2020, and as such must undergo successful trials under the Trial Projects Delivery Programme before it can be rolled out across Government Departments.


Research funding from Innovate UK under its “Rethinking the Build Process” competition has supported the project under the title “Delivering more for less under the IPI model”, and a cross-industry consortium with the University of Reading as academic partner has collaborated with Constructing Excellence in rigorous monitoring and analysis of the first IPI pilot project, the design and construction of a further education facility called “Advance ll” at Dudley College, West Midlands.


The IPI model as the first of a new generation of alliancing models, bringing together established collaborative working practices with independent risk assurance and a unique cost-overrun insurance, capable of being applied to a vast range of projects in the public and private sectors. The approach offers a game-changing opportunity for the future,  and it is ideally suited to modern off-site delivery models which the Autumn Budget 2017 committed central government departments to adopt by 2019.


Academic Report on Trial Project


A quick reminder of the problem..

Most people believe they have all the cover they need because they and their suppliers have insurances across a range of risks.

But each of these policies cover the risks differently with different levels of excess and exclusion.

The result is you are probably paying for duplicate cover you will never need, or you are under insured but will only find out when you try to make a claim; whereas IPI covers all the risks once!

Equally the pace of change continues to ramp up

  • Organisations have become more fragmented and specialised to keep pace

  • Industry is attempting to rectify this through integration and collaborative working

  • Current methods, contracts and insurances are designed to ‘protect’ against [perceived] business risk

  • This reinforces the fragmentation


  • This is most evident in the “chasm” between design and construction